Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

At the Calgary Music School we offer piano lessons under three different programs:

  • The Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Modern Contemporary/Beginner lessons
  • Improvisation lessons

To start, we recommend choosing a program that personally suits you! For more information on our piano lesson programs, please visit the Piano Lessons page.

Rates & Length of Lessons

For piano classes, the cost and length per lesson vary according to the individual level. For lesson length recommendation and prices, please contact us through email, call, or text message.

The length of theory, history, and harmony lessons are listed in the Additional Music Courses page. Please contact us through email, call, or text message for any questions on each course.

Contact information is listed beneath the Contact Us page.

Piano Lesson Schedule/Calendar

The schedule of the Calgary Music School mainly follows the Calgary Catholic School District calendar. The calendar is subject to change under the instructor's schedule. Should any changes be made, the calendar on our Home page will update.

Where can I have Lessons?

We offer both in-home and studio lessons. We service in-home lessons in many South Calgary communities. Studio lessons are located in Evergreen. To find out more about lessons, and the communities we service, please visit our Piano Lessons page

Rescheduling Lessons

If a student is unable to attend a class for any reason such as illness, parents are responsible for informing the teacher of the student's absence in advance.

If the teacher is unable to attend a lesson for any reason, they are responsible for informing the student or the student's parents.

Any canceled lesson is to be rescheduled by the teacher when both the teacher and student is available.

Are books required?

Books are required for students under both the RCM program and the Modern Contemporary/Beginner program. All students or parents of students are responsible for purchasing books required for piano lessons.

For any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.


For piano lesson or music course inquiries, send us a message.
We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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